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What's With the Chicken Salad?

At Sugar Bean Bakery we have this ammaaazzzing Chicken Salad that we use in two of our menu items - Chicken Salad Sandwich and our Chicken Chicken Salad.  Can I say, I LOVE Chicken Salad.  Every time I have a bite it takes me back in time......

.....When I was a little girl, there was only one time during the year that I would truly look forward to having Chicken Salad.  That was Easter Sunday.  Yep, plain and simple - Easter Sunday.  The Saturday before Easter Sunday, our house would be in full prep mode.  Decorating the Easter Eggs, packing the car, and all excited for what a fun day we would be awaiting us at the park.  Echo Park in Los Angeles, California.  Yep, back then it was a very nice, green, family oriented park.

My mom would poach 2 full chickens.  I remember helping her bone the chicken and shred it by hand. Oh, the old fashioned way of doing things.  She chopped all the fresh ingredients - small.  Funny how people in your life influence you.  I like my veggies chopped l…

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